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Halloween 2012, take 2 November 10, 2012

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We continued our Halloween celebrating by making cookie cut-outs. Desi loves helping me in the kitchen, especially when it has to do with baking up yummy sweets!

We finally carved our pumpkins, something Desi was asking us to do for a month! He helped by holding our hand as we cut. Such a good helper!

Desi dressed up like a Power Ranger for Halloween, but specifically wanted to be one from the original series, which, of course, is different than the current series. So I was lucky to find his mask and costume, but he also wanted the sword and wrist communicator. Lucky for him, he has a super crafty dad, who carved a sword out of wood and painted it to look just like the red ranger’s, and a wrist communicator made out of foam paper, construction paper and a hot glue gun.

The day of Halloween, Desi could barely contain himself. He asked me, “now what are we gonna do” about a million times.

Ready for trick-or-treating!

Stella dressed up, too.

And I was a witch. 🙂

His best friend, Jasper, came up to Billy and Anne’s house with us for some serious trick-or-treating. They had a blast, and got buckets full of candy!!


The boys November 7, 2012

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These three guys are always up to no good. 🙂 they’ve been taking classes together at the park since they were wee lads, and have a blast together! Here they’re taking their picture in front of “the great pumpkin” in the park building, but of course they completely covered the pumpkin. Ha. (After gymnastics class, hence the rosy cheeks!) Jasper, Desi and Evan:


Halloween 2012, take 1 October 27, 2012

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This year, Halloween started off with pumpkin carving at Billy and Anne’s house. Desi carved his own (with a bunch of help from dad). We drank cider and ate pumpkin pie. It was a perfect fall evening!



Then today we went to Commercial Park for their annual Halloween parade. Desi wore his skeleton costume from last year…he’s saving this year’s costume for the big night. His BFF Jasper also dressed as a skeleton, so they were quite the spooky pair!

There was face painting, coloring, spooky Halloween stories, and dancing before the kids paraded around the neighborhood.





For the parade, the kids walked around the block, and participating residents stood at their front gate and passed out candy. The line was incredible! And there were some great costumes on the kids. A couple of the residents got into the spirit, too…especially one family that really got into it and all dressed up as Sesame Street characters. It was great! Desi had a blast.


Super girl! October 19, 2012

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Stella has a super strong neck! 8 weeks old, and already a champ at tummy time!!


Future astronaut October 19, 2012

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Looking at pictures of outer space. He’s changed his mind about being an anthropologist when he grows up…now he wants to be an astronaut!


Puzzle master October 16, 2012

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My puzzle master has moved on to 48 pieces!


Pumpkin patch October 13, 2012

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Pumpkin selection is very serious business. He was acting out the opening scene of “The Great Pumpkin” and being Linus. I should have taken a video, it was very cute! It took awhile to find just the right one…I think he was hoping to get a giant one that he would have to roll all the way home.






Short and sweet October 12, 2012

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I never write posts anymore. It’s really a bummer, because I love to keep a little journal of Desi’s life, and I really don’t have time for scrap booking. It seems I also don’t have much time for blogging, either, so I decided it would be less overwhelming and I would be more apt to keep up with it if I kept the posts short and sweet, kind of like my Instagram or Facebook. So here I go, trying to get back to photo journaling Desi’s life.

And now there’s this new addition! I guess this blog can’t really be called “Desmond’s world” anymore…but I’m not sure what to change it to. Any suggestions would be welcome!

Stella Maxine was born August 25th, and it has rocked our world. She’s totally amazing, and Desi totally loves her. He’s a little miffed at me because he’s not the center of my attention anymore, but it gets easier for all of us every day.

I’ve started home schooling him a bit, since he didn’t start preschool this fall, and he’s really wanting to learn in a bad way. Nothing big or formal, I’m just making a big effort to spend at least one hour every day teaching him something new. He’s really loving it! I taught him how to use scissors, and he is now obsessed with cutting. Our house is covered in tiny bits of paper every day. He’s also really getting into writing his letters, so today we wrote a note to his aunt, and he’s very excited to send it to her.

Stella is busy being a baby…eating, sleeping, crying and pooping. She cries a lot more than I remember Desi crying, but that could just be mom brain making me forget how it really was. She is absolutely adorable, though, which makes up for all the wails.

This ended up being longer than I thought, but I guess that’s necessary, since I haven’t said a word for so long. And we did have a huge life change. I promise to be more diligent about posting, though!

Summer 2011 September 27, 2011

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I swear Desi’s already gone from toddler hood to being a little boy already!  He’s lost his chubbiness, and is slimming down quite a bit due to lot’s and lot’s of running, bike riding, and crazy acrobats that he does in the living room.  And with me working full time this summer, and only getting to spend 2 full days a week with him, it’s going by much too quickly.  Luckily, I’ll be back to just a couple days a week again soon, so I can spend more awesomely fun time with my little man.

For Father’s Day we went to Grandpa’s house.  We had fun playing with water guns, playing in the rocks (Desi loves Grandpa’s rocky driveway), and picking raspberries.

Jason got an iPhone, so he now has “Angry Birds.”  Desi loves the sounds the birds make…it really cracks him up.  And he does a pretty good job playing it, too.

We stayed home for the 4th of July instead of going down to Central Illinois like we usually do.  Our neighborhood gets really crazy that weekend, with everyone putting off their own fireworks (our neighbors must spend thousands on professional grade fireworks…it’s like an unspoken competition between a few of them).  So we went out into our backyard and watched the show.  Desi was a little timid about it, and had to have one of us holding him the whole time.

We went down to Central IL again for Granny’s birthday, and had a fun bbq at Grandma Kat’s house while we were there.  Desi and Ivory played in the sprinkler.

And Daisy made him a flower crown.

Dad and Susan threw a party for Granny, and had a delicious meal for us! He developed a major crush on Laura, and flirted with her throughout dinner. It was so cute.

And he really took a liking to Uncle John!

We went for a walk with Rex the dog after dinner, and Desi got to walk him for awhile. He did a great job!

He and Ivory had the cutest debate about the corn. Desi said, “Look at all the corn!” And Ivory replied, “Corn? I don’t see any corn. That’s just really tall grass” (or plants, or something like that). Desi looked at her like she was crazy and said, “It’s right there, in front of you!,” pointing to the corn. It went on like that for quite awhile, both of them totally correct in their argument. I love kids’ minds!

Still arguing…

And still arguing…

Somersaults! (Desi still needs a little help with his).

This year we finally went to our block party. It’s always held on the same weekend as Pitchfork, so we never have time to go. But it was so hot this year that Desi and I decided to only go to Pitchfork when the sun went down a little, so we hung out with Henry (kid across the street) at the block party instead. Apparently a firetruck always comes, and the firemen let the kids climb in, and talk to them about fire safety and stuff. Desi LOVED it.

Desi and Henry.

And of course, we went to Pitchfork to see some music and hang out with Dad in the booth. Desi spent a lot of time helping in the booth this year. 🙂

The only band we really watched was Fleet Foxes. He watched from Dad’s shoulders.

He likes digging in the dirt when he helps us do yard work. He’s pretty proud of how dirty he gets.

Suzy and Randy treated us to Yo Yo Ma tickets at Ravinia. Desi actually really enjoyed himself! He was intrigued by the music, and especially enjoyed clapping and yelling “bravo!”

Sadly, we only made it to the beach once this year. Me working full time has really put a damper on our daily fun! He asked me to write his name in the sand, and could tell me the first two letters! I was pretty impressed.

We took Desi to Wizard World this year, and he had a blast. He dressed up like Spiderman, and I really think that’s why he had such a good time. It was pretty overwhelming…we went on Saturday, so it was super crowded…but his mask gave him confidence. And people were constantly coming up to him and praising him, so of course that helped, too. He had his picture taken several times, especially when we ran into Doctor Octopus and they had a “fight.” Plus, Jason and I had a good time, too! 🙂

We got him a lightsaber, so he became Jedi-Spidey. Great combo. And we ran into this AWESOME Capt. Jack Sparrow!

Like all good 2-year-olds, he’s become a master at the tantrum. He still very carefully puts himself down on the floor before he starts “crying.” It’s pretty easy to pull him out of it though…just mention wanting to play cars, or go outside, or eat a popsicle, and all is forgotten. 🙂

Several other accomplishments for you grandparents to brag to your friends about:

-he can put his shoes on by himself
-he can sing “Ob-La-Di” from start to finish
-he can ride his bike like a pro, and falls down like a pro, too…he had his first crash and busted his upper lip. He’s fine, but hasn’t gotten on his bike again, yet. We’re working on it…
-he can draw pictures that actually look like something…today he drew me a skeleton and a tree!
-he can put his head under water


Riding a Bike!! July 11, 2011

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Desi is VERY excited that he has his very own bicycle.  He has been dying to learn to ride one, and Jason put his training wheels on this weekend.  Forget the trike…he has a BICYCLE!!!